Turkey, Duck and Goose

Soeltl Farm Turkey

 Our Turkey, Ducks and Geese are raised the same as the other poultry.  They are allowed to forage about but have a steady supply of grain if they would like, with a milk chaser of course.


As you can see our Giant Broad-Breasted White Turkey are perfectly capable of motoring around and there are plenty of Turkey left after the traditional holiday season to make any weekend a special event at your house. Our turkey weigh from the lower teen to the mid twenty pound range.

Our Pekin Ducks are also available during most of the year with Spring reserved for hatching.


Our ducks weigh in around 4-7 pound range.

We will be growing  White Embden Geese this year instead of the White China Geese.  They will be a larger bird that weigh in at the lower than ten to about the mid teen pound range.
It is recommend ordering early with deposit since we sell out every year.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA