How to purchase Soeltl Farm Products

We are now offering “on the farm sales” of Beriah Lewis Farm Beef.  1 and 5 pound packages of ground beef, Sirloin Steaks, Rib Eye Steaks, T-Bone and some Tenderloin Steaks.

We are also offering Soeltl Farm Veal, 1-2 pound packages, Veal Chops, Veal Cutlets and Veal Shanks. Ground Soeltl Farm Goat meat in one pound packages.

Pork –  Loin Chops, Shoulder Chops, Country Style Ribs, Spare Ribs, Ham Steaks, Bacon, Smoked Hocks, Trotters and Ears.

We may even eventually get some Poussin/chickens into the Freezer so call ahead to find out.

Soeltl Farm is run like a CSA or Co-op.  It is highly recommended that you place your order for products early.

We are raising this year:  Cornish Cross Meat Chickens,  White Pekin Duck, White Ebden geese,  Giant White Turkey. Veal: A 300.00 deposit is required.  A weight number is also needed for your reserved veal.  A four to six month wait time. Beef: We have beef available all year round.  If you only need a half you will have to wait until a second person is found for the other side.  A 555.00 deposit is required per half (or side) of beef. Pork: We have started the next set.  Only two are not spoken for so if you would like one a deposit of 175.00 per half is required. Deposits: When a deposit is made that balance will be deducted from the end product price.  You will be notified when your product is ready.  A general time is given in advance (larger animals 2-3 weeks, birds 1-2 weeks) for pick-up of your productONE WEEK WILL BE ALLOWED FOR PICK UP.  UPON START OF THE SECOND WEEK YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED.  If you notify us of difficulty such as being out of town we will work with you to see you get your product. All  large animals being delivered to Salem Prime Cuts:  When animals are delivered to this facility, you will pay us the hanging dressed weight of the product.  You are responsible for all additional fees that occur with harvest, cutting, wrapping, pickling or smoking of your products.

***No Orders will be taken within 7 days of any holiday***

For a current Soeltl Farm product price list or for Salem Prime Cut fee schedule contact us and we will be glad to send one to you.  Prices may change without notice.  A deposit for any product will hold you to current pricing.