Eggs and More

Soeltl Farm Eggs

We have many different laying hen breeds.  Buff Orpington, Partridge Rocks, Light Brahmas and Silver Lace Polish with an assortment of crosses.   Our girls lay a rainbow of white to dark brown eggs that are almost always fertile.
When our girls decide they would like to raise a family we give them some eggs and a nice quiet place to let nature take its course.  We do order new layers every year so if you would like us to order a few for you we can try and work it out with you.


Specialty Eggs

When our ducks, geese and turkey start laying in the spring we will let people know when we have them available.  The duck and the goose eggs are usually fertile while our turkey eggs are not.  The different eggs are wonderful for baking and specialty egg recipes.

    Soeltl Farm Honey

We have started a few bee hives and if you would like some honey make sure you put in your order early as usual we are a first come first served farm.  That is of course unless you have pre-ordered.