Soeltl Farm Chicken

We raise White Cornish Cross Chickens that are delivered to us as day old chicks.  We keep them safe from drafts and we keep them warm and give them milk and grain until they are mature enough to leave the nest to go outdoors.


Once the chickens have been moved outdoors their menu changes to include seeds, whole grains, grain, garden and farmstead surplus.  Of course milk is always on the menu.  The chickens are asked to go back to the coop at night to protect them from the many preditors that we have in this part of Connecticut.
When the proper weight has be attained the harvest begins.   Our poultry is harvested on site and is delivered whole and dressed (ready for the oven or to have you wrap them for the freezer).


We are now on a two week schedule for raising our chicken.  Starting in January we order 35 chicks.  Ready as Poussin by the third week and roasters (3.5-4.5 pounds) by the fifth week. We ask that you place your orders early as we have limited numbers.